About Us

Ryan Taub & Samantha White Co-Creators & Owners of the Sweet Sweets

Welcome to the Sweet Sweets. Samantha and Ryan are the creators and founders of this sweet company. They are both in Grade 11 and are dating. Sweet Sweets started during the COVID pandemic, Their summer jobs as camp counsellors were canceled and like everyone they were stuck at home, They needed to make money and keep busy so they decided to create Sweet Sweets an interactive chocolate experience that is designed by the customers and made by them. 


 Samantha has always wanted to have her own business. As a child she would create all sorts of them with friends. She would ask to order business cards and make lists of all the businesses needs. While none of the came to fruition, Sammy is enjoying the creative outlet the Sweet Sweets provides.

 Ryan is a very creative guy who has always enjoyed sketching and experimenting with materials. His first passion is sports and he is a walking encyclopedia of sports information. Ryan never dreamed of having his own business, until now! The Sweet Sweets has sparked a new passion and interest where he can combine business and creativity. 

With their LOVE of treats, they thought Sweet Sweets would be an amazing way to make people happy during this challenging time!

They proudly sell a variety of chocolates that are all customizable to the customers' liking.

Their mission is to sweeten everyone's day!