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About Us

 Samantha White Creator & Owner of the Sweet Sweets
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Welcome to the Sweet Sweets. Samantha is the creator and founder of this sweet company. She is currently in Grade 12. Sweet Sweets started during the COVID pandemic, her summer job as a camp counsellor was canceled and like everyone Samantha was stuck at home. She needed to make money and keep busy so she decided to create Sweet Sweets an interactive chocolate experience that is designed by the customers and made by her. 
 Samantha has always wanted to have her own business. As a child she would create all sorts of them with friends. She would ask to order business cards and make lists of all the businesses needs. While none of the came to fruition, Sammy is enjoying the creative outlet the Sweet Sweets provides.

With her LOVE of treats, she thought Sweet Sweets would be an amazing way to make people happy during this challenging time!

Samantha proudly sell a variety of chocolates that are all customizable to the customers' liking.
Our mission is to sweeten everyone's day!

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